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My daughter Kate never intended to become a figure skating coach. She attended top academic colleges in the Northeast, eventually receiving her MFA (Master of Fine Arts). Her dream was a career in art. Skating was her passion. But life happens and a melting job market led her to an ice rink.  She stayed because she’s good at it, despite the fact that some question the purpose of her academic pursuit. But I beg to differ. Her exposure to and absorption in the art world has informed her teaching style and melded seamlessly into the work she creates. With this installation (Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art) she traces an original figure on an icy canvas while she, herself, glides seamlessly across its surface. The level of technical skill required is hidden by the elegance of movement across the arena. This piece pays homage to female stamina and grace

Layneau Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

When I first saw the Layneau Collection in Paris several years ago, I knew I was looking at a piece of art. The attention of this brand to complex sewing details is exemplary. The intricate lace appliqué placement reveals a well-schooled grasp of the foundation of lingerie design. Brand owner and creator, Kaaren Bedi’s background in costume, bridal and jewelry design is unmistakable. Although her work is expensive at retail, it is priceless as an art form. One might consider it 360 degree luxury. Leaver’s lace is strategically placed on 19mm silk charmeuse. The fabric floats over the torso forming glamorous intimate sculptures worthy of any boudoir gallery. Recognized by photographers, respected fashion magazines and celebrities, Layneau celebrates the woman as subject, not an object in the story of her life.

Layneau lingerie detail on Lingerie Briefs

“My Last Word Is That All Depends On What You Visualize” ~Ansel Adams



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  1. Shelly Manougian says:

    Absolutely stunning! Curious and pricing?

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