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Celso Diniz photography of Clio babydoll by Francis Smiley on Lingerie Briefs

Years ago, before social media, when my job was inextricably linked to Victoria Secret (a client), the VS catalog was a mail order lingerie bible. Born and raised in a department store brick and mortar world where hanger appeal dictated product decisions, learning an entire new set of merchandising rules for catalog sales was enlightening. The picture was everything. VS would develop and place orders with us. Then they would shoot the product on their models. Depending on the power of the image, they would increase orders before the book was even released to the public. Photography was the lifeblood of catalog sales, often extending consumer interest to the store. Unbeknownst to me, I was being prepared for a digital merchandising revolution, a movement that would twist the retail world into a frenzy. Today, when it comes to selling product photography rules the internet. Thus my particular interest in photographers whose artistic insight has the ability to create a visceral reaction in a consumer; a reaction similar to the first impression one might get when entering a store.  Celso Diniz is a great example of this talent. I discovered his work on Instagram when an image of this Clio babydoll, designed by Francis Smily, with whom he collaborated on her campaign, caught my eye. Now based in Miami, Florida, the Brazilian born Celso established his business in 2005 turning exclusively to swimwear and lingerie in 2015. The beach informs much of his work, taking him to seascapes beyond the USA shores. As a a photographer, his rapport with models, agencies and designers is as critical as a sales persons interaction with a customer. No wonder his work has been so well recognized. Contact

Celso Diniz photography of Clio babydoll by Francis Smiley on Lingerie Briefs

“A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” ~Tess Flanders

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  1. Aline says:

    Such a lovely article about Celso Diniz photograph. I have been working with Celso on some amazing photoshoots featuring Bella Bella Boutique products. Celso is a truly talent and a pleasure to interact with. He’s my favorite local photographer and I look forward to seeing him unleash his talent even further in the lingerie photograph sector. 🙂

  2. Celso Diniz says:

    Thank you very much Ellen. So happy to be featured on the Lingerie Briefs Blog! Quite an honor, really, thanks again for the very nice post.

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