A Hidden Gem ~ Simone Perele

This is a funny week, the last week in August. It feels as if the whole world is on vacation. However, I think it is much more likely that as women, we are consumed with more mundane matters; fall prep and summer’s last hurrah. Personally, I found myself in a cleansing mode this past week-end. I decided to purge my bra drawer. Yes, I have an entire drawer devoted to bras. Let’s face it, besides the fact that I am large busted, I receive samples. For the record, I don’t really like to do reviews. One person can never determine the viability of a product, particularly a bra. Fit is very personal and every breast shape is different (like a snowflake). One cannot judge true fit from a single perspective. Sales and multiple reviews tell that story. But, when I unearth a style that makes me forget I am wearing a bra, doesn’t lose its lift and creates a great shape, I’m a happy camper. Thus is the case with the full cup Simone Perele Caresse bra that I found buried with the tags still on it in the foundation abyss in my dresser. I thought, let’s put this in the discard bag, but the bra looked so richly designed, well-engineered and felt so soft; I wondered if I ever even tried it. I wore it all week-end (and today). I know we are not supposed to do this, but this comfort zone is a rare treat for me. I looked up the reviews, 4-5 stars. And so I have found a new favorite. (32-40, D-G) Just thought I would share.

“. . .You Don’t Ever Find Things When You’re Looking For Them.
You Find Them When You’re Not.” Gayle Forman


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