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Turkish Delight Candy on Lingerie Briefs

I wonder if C.S. Lewis knew exactly how much his use of Turkish Delight as a provocative ploy by the evil witch in The Chronicles of Naria would become a symbol of seduction. This delectable candy took on a magical connotation as the evil enchantress used it as bait to induce the impressionable young Edmund to her will (The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). This ancient dessert, perfumed with rose petals and dusted with sugar is very difficult to resist. It is a delicious article of persuasion.  I learned this myself on my first business trip to Istanbul, where in the Grand Bazaar colorful mounds of this Arabian confection lay in wait for the next victim of desire. My Turkish colleague introduced me to the enticing treat and forever after, it will remind me of this exotic venue from where we developed exquisite textiles and beautiful intimates for some of the largest retailers in the world.

Else Lingerie Baroque bralette and brief on Lingerie Briefs Else Lingerie Turkish Delight

Turkey’s place in the world of apparel imports, particularly to the USA, lost ground in recent years as America pushed for constantly lower prices. But, its heritage of quality workmanship continues today in the hands of discerning factories well-schooled in the craftsmanship of intimate apparel. Such is the case with Else Lingerie, a Turkish based brand spearheaded by designer Ela Onur.  Exposed early to the intricacies of lingerie manufacturing within a family owned business, Ela opened her own atelier in 2007 to bring the Else vision to fruition.  Her creative instincts have enabled her to build collections that are both on trend and well positioned in the fashion market.  These hand crafted styles are luscious treats that blend effortlessly into a modern woman’s wardrobe fitting XS-XL. With continuous sale’s growth, it is no wonder that Else Lingerie is a Turkish delight to which so many buyers have been lured.

Else Lingerie Pointelle bralette and brief on Lingerie Briefs

“Turkish Delight . . . The Fact That It Now Carries With It A Whiff of Danger
Merely Adds to its Pleasure” ~Jenny Colgan

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