The Changing World of Lingerie ~ Concepts Paris Comes to NY


Olivia Von Halle on Lingerie Briefs

On September 28th, the inimitable Jos Berry founder, and creative director of Concepts Paris, will be hosting the Creativ’Lab live at the New York Interfiliere show. (Details Here) For me, personally, Concepts Paris has, for the majority of my career, been the premiere source for researching the creative process in lingerie design and development. The information that Jos and her team share is substantiated by the global access that Concepts Paris has to worldwide trends in textiles, color, print and style.

There are always multiple messages that will be delivered at Jos’s seminars. But this season, the critical story, in my opinion, is the evolution of lingerie as it spreads its wings and travels beyond the boudoir to the world of fashion at large. It is not just about bras and panties; how they fit, function and facilitate. It is how intimates integrate into the ready to wear wardrobe becoming a critical part of the style. In my last blog, “Lingerie Challenges the Status Quo”, I mentioned this movement. And just prior to that, Tina sketched a story on “The Hybridization of Design”. Recently we showcased Helen Sanchez and her Bedroom to Boardroom silk PJ collection. Today we focus on the progression of the pajama and robe from the home to the street. We’ve been on to this ever since Jos first planted the seed several seasons ago. Street fashion at every level of the market proves its viability.

At Interfiliere NY, Jos will feature, along with Helen, several up and coming designers, a new generation whose collections embrace this new attitude. The fashion runway first astounded us with the mixing of visual media (Gucci front and forward). The plethora of creative minds continuing to blur the boundaries grows daily. One of the original voices, Rebecca Moses, will be a special guest at Creativ’Lab sharing her insight into this blended vision. Design is really a mouthpiece of current cultural trends. It is wonderful to see how assimilation has and will continue to inform the Intimate World. The potential at retail is enormous! And the promise it proffers for our future is reassuring. No holds barred!

Pajamas as street fashion on Lingerie Briefs

“Good Fashion is Evolution Not Revolution” ~Pierre Balmain

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