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Etched Lingerie Maya bra on Lingerie Briefs

Once and awhile I come across a product that makes me break my “blogging rules”. That is, I don’t believe in reviews; (they are much too partisan) and a product needs to be around for several seasons before I accept its viability in the market. However, I have made an exception for the nascent brand, Etched Lingerie. I first heard the name in the lead up to their launch at The Lingerie Selection in August. Believe me; I was skeptical when I learned that this collection consisted of one bra style, Maya and its matching Misha brief. Although I was born and bred on the concept of key item merchandising, a foundations brand usually needs a broader base of product to attract a retailer’s attention. But, the Etched Maya bra has run interference with my usual expectations. Here’s why:

Etched Lingerie Maya bra back view on Lingerie Briefs

The construction of this bra is different than any other I have seen. Engineered with a patent pending 360 system of support, it is designed specifically for large breasted women. The 4 part side wings have individually cut and sewn panels that create organic pockets at the seams that hold flexible boning for support and stability.  The deep 5 part unlined cups with custom graded Ergoline wires that are curved at the base insure more comfortable full bust support. Containing 15 different materials and 50 pieces, it works to encapsulate, lift and eliminate underwire and strap pressure. I tried it. It works. And I am not easy to please

Etched Lingerie Maya bra back detail view on Lingerie Briefs

The bra, 5 years in development, is the brainchild of Ellana Krechmaras whose own life story informed the Maya creation. On a personal note, doubtful as I was, after speaking to Ellana about her Etched Lingerie journey, I knew that the woman behind the brand was worth noting. Working for the past 30 years as a successful hairdresser in New York City, Ellana’s daily interaction with women from all walks of life fueled her imagination. The role she plays every day is very similar to that of an expert fitter in a dressing room. Listening to often very intimate details, her goal is to elevate and empower her customers. Smart enough to collaborate with an experienced consultant and a highly skilled technical designer, after 13 prototypes, she is completely prepared to sell and ship inventory at once. Intelligent women who know how to listen and can convert their discovery into a worthy product; that’s my kind of entrepreneur.

“The Kind of Products You Envision as an Entrepreneur
is a Function of Your Life Experience” ~Mitch Kapor

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  1. Margaret C. O'Connell says:

    Where can I buy this bra?

  2. Linda Cotton says:

    Where can I buy this bra I saw it on Rachel Ray show?

  3. I want this bra. How do I order?

  4. Nellie Brightman says:

    What stores carry the etched bra seen on Racheal Ray?

  5. Angela Daugherty says:

    Does anyone know where to buy these at ? I looked on line and they are out of stock or sold out… 🙁

  6. Phyllis Brock says:

    I saw this bra on the Rachel Ray program and would love to acquire one? Where and how to measure. Please help.

  7. Carolyn b Bellacera says:

    Where to buy this bra and try it on

  8. Fatima Dutra says:

    What stores carried this bra, I need to try it on

  9. Vicki says:

    I hate wearing and buying bras because they are never comfortable! And to make matters worse, I moved to Arkansas from Chicago. I was measured and told I was a 44DD or 44 DDD? I have been uncomfortably wearing Wachoal for years. Your Maya bra looks perfect! Looked at your size chart – confused!! Help?!?

  10. Joni Shoaf says:

    I love the quality and concept and would like more information as to where the bra can be purchased.

  11. Joni Shoaf says:

    Where do I shop for this bra?

  12. Adrienne Marks says:

    I really want this bra but have no idea what size to get. In Wacoal I wear a 36 DD in Rigby and Peller a 34 GG. I do not like the Round look.
    Please let me know.

  13. What store carries the etched lingerie bras.. I need to try them on

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