A Leg Up ~ Pretty Polly Hosiery


Jumbo Fishnet tights from Pretty Polly legwear on Lingerie Briefs

All this conversation about integrating lingerie into ready to wear wardrobes got me thinking about my years as a legwear buyer and our mission to take hosiery from basic nude to lingerie for the legs. In those days, choices were limited. Finding color, pattern, extended sizes and eccentricity was a fishing expedition. I know I am dating myself, but seeing the Pretty Polly brand, memories flooded back. Leave it to the British to cover the gamut of leg fashion. From Kate Middleton’s comeback nude pantyhose to the trend loving tights and leggings that can make or break an outfit, Pretty Polly has such a plethora of styles; it’s quite difficult to zero in. These fishnets, one example of the breadth of design within a specific fashion niche, reflect the versatility of the brand’s collections. This once edgy style is now a viable participant in a layered closet. It’s not easy to showcase velvet, shine, metallic, and subtle texture.  Added to the mix is their bestselling secret socks and mock pull ups. Pretty Polly is a bounty of leg candy. One feels compelled to open each package, make a fist and stretch the patterns over the hand. But, alas, this can’t happen on line.

Diamond fishnet anklets from Pretty Polly on Lingerie Briefs

Pretty Polly is not just a fashion brand, even though it was their famed suspender tights that brought them ashore in North America several years ago. Their global business has been built on a foundation of respected basics. Recognized as an iconic British super-brand, Pretty Polly has been “dressing legs” since 1919.  There’s great added value here: another lifestyle wardrobe layer and an easy up sale at the register. What better than customer satisfaction coupled with added retail volume?

Diamond fishnet tights and abstract net tights from Pretty Polly on Lingerie Briefs

Pretty Polly fishnet tights on Lingerie Briefs

Fishnet tights from Pretty Polly on Lingerie Briefs

“Not Adding Value is the Same as Taking it Away” ~Seth God

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