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The new Tappan Zee Bridge in New York on Lingerie Briefs

Crossing the Hudson River in New York several times a week to ferry my grandson back and forth, I have watched as the new Tappan Zee Bridge has risen from its concrete foundation to dwarf the original span now destined for demolition.  The existing edifice was 62 years old and never meant to support the growth in commuter traffic that has evolved with time. The new twin bridge is an architectural masterpiece; a structural feat camouflaged by a visual symphony comprised of 14 miles of span cables. The airiness of its spires veils the steel and concrete foundation that forms its infrastructure. On schedule and under budget, the construction team responsible has upgraded a travel experience that one had to endure to one worthy of the river it crosses.

Bra Fabric Finder ™ by LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ on Lingerie Briefs

This feeling of lightness, while sustaining the integrity of a product, is exactly what I gleaned when I met with INVISTA to learn about their recently launched LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ Program. Inspired by the market trend in deconstructed bralettes and wirefree bras, LYCRA® recognized the impact that eliminating multiple components has on fit. During 18 months of research, eighty 34 C bras that are currently available in the market, were subjected to a body scanner in order to analyze lift and shape.  The result was clear.  These styles provided very little form.  For LYCRA®, this discovery was a catalyst for advancing their technology as the casual lingerie market expands. Developing proprietary innovation, they birthed the Bra Fabric Finder™.

Because bralettes and wirefree bras are designed using minimum componentry, LYCRA® has determined that the fabric used needed to be not only lightweight but also capable of defining a woman’s curves without directing them. The objective is to enable designers to lighten the load and create weightless support without compromising shape. To serve this purpose they have successfully developed this scientific protocol for testing the performance of a fabric in three distinct categories: Active, Everyday and Leisure. There is no doubt that the LYCRA® hangtag on a garment ups the consumer’s quality expectations.

“Do Not Get Obsolete Like Old Technology, Keep Innovating Yourself”
~Sukant Raatnakar


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