The Sisterhood of My Traveling Bras


Well folks, I arrived in Cabo late Saturday night. No water, no gas, both cars wouldn’t start. Looks like my friend TIM (This is Mexico) used my house while I was away. But on the bright side: it’s 85° and the desert is resplendent, lush and green. My garden looks wonderful (except that the gardeners trimmed all the flowers off the bougainvillea. They think all gringos like manicured shrubs).  I went riding this morning for the first time in 4 months. And this trip, my bra wardrobe is finally balanced for this Mexican lifestyle.

Bras, believe it or not, are always a bone of contention for me. Why? Because I am extremely active, large breasted and like many other women, large or small, desperate for comfort without jeopardizing support. As you might imagine, I have a lot of options. This presents a conundrum. My bras often occupy a large portion of my suitcase.  Culling down has often presented a problem. I want every  good alternative available. I have finally learned that the choices made should depend on the lifestyle of my destination. Mexico commands an entirely different assortment than Paris. Here, I live in sports bras from Chantelle, Panache, and Anita. For every day wear the go to styles are from Wacoal, Montelle, Curvy Couture, Rosa Faia, Empreinte and Lou.  Even though cut and sew bras are my preference for shape and lift; here it’s all about spacers and unlined t-shirt styles. (the one exception is for a wedding I am attending) I can assure you the content is very different when I travel for work. I am grateful for the selection at my fingertips, each style contributing its unique design character to the sisterhood of my traveling bras.

“I Get Ideas About What’s Essential When Packing My Suitcase”
~Diane Von Furstenberg

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