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It’s been a very difficult year for me. The disappointment and disillusionment with my government has been a great weight to bare. To counterbalance my state of mind, I embarked on a research project which involved a lot of reading about presidential politics and the personalities that have led our country ever since the American Revolution. This past summer, on the heels of Ron Chernow’s book, Alexander Hamilton, I read a slew of political biographies: Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt, Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, James Garfield, John Adams, Lyndon Johnson and Al Franken. (Thank you Doris Kearns Goodwin, Jon Meacham, Candice Millard & Al Franken). These tomes were a welcome respite from the pounding noise emanating from divisive news feeds and irresponsible social media diatribes. Besides being entertaining, I gained an understanding of the foundation of our republic. Learning that dissent, manipulation and questionable ethics have been with us even before the American Revolution; I gained a sense of perspective on our current state of affairs. When the foundation of a government is as strong as the United States Constitution, opposing parties, contrary transitions, and difficult times will be endured. In the end, it only takes a few good men to perpetuate change.

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We all know that the retail industry is in flux and that in particular, the multi-billion dollar lingerie sector has suffered quite a shake-up in the past few years. One thorn in my side, however, especially after working in this market for most of my career, are the naysayers who criticize and condemn brands that have sustained the Intimate market through difficult times. To the contrary, I consider them heroes.  Staying the course as they vet new technical innovation is wise. These companies may have different doctrines but, they have and still do contribute critical mass to the framework of the Lingerie Industry. And there is where the parallel ensues. Sometimes established forces are what guide us through difficult times.

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Thus, this campaign for the Wacoal-America party. Their contribution to the intimate world has grown continuously over time, placing them in the rare position of sustained growth, despite retail difficulties. Why? They understand their base and they respect the differences between diversified constituents. While the Wacoal brand answers essential bra and panty needs, b.tempt’d has captured the attention of fashion women with a more liberal attitude. Wacoal-America established its credibility with American women very quickly after immigrating to the USA in 1985. Recognized for their engineering expertise, continuity of fit, quality of design, continual R & D, and superior communication skills Wacoal-America is a respected player in our Intimate Apparel future. Yes, I am a believer. Because, even though I own a bureau full of terrific bra styles, my Wacoal wardrobe never lets me forget that superior foundations endure.

“The Constitution is the Guide Which I Never Will Abandon”
~George Washington

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