Parlez Vous Aubade?


Aubade Troublant Desir on Lingerie BriefsI studied French diligently in school with big plans. I wanted to work at the United Nations and French is one of the 6 official UN languages. So when my merchandising career began (another story for another time) I questioned the viability of my education. You don’t hear that much French in New York’s garment district. But as my retail path veered into Intimate Apparel, I realized that I was wrong. French is more than a language; it is an entire lifestyle. The cadence, accent, pronunciation and expressions are indicative of the entire culture: provocative, elegant, and proud.  The proclivity of lingerie boutiques weaving through any commercial locale in France clarifies that for a French woman, intimates are more than a necessity. They are a critical foundation to their self-esteem; an absolute priority in their everyday wardrobes.  French lingerie is not a commodity. It is a personal luxury, not because of price; but because it’s beautiful.


From my early days shopping in Paris the Aubade brand has been ubiquitous.  A major “influencer” in Lingerie design vernacular, they embody my definition of French lingerie: risqué class. This fall, Aubade is breaking through American t-shirt bra barriers with these seductive signature pieces; a mix of leavers laces, decorative bands and Swarovski crystals.  Troublant Desir, available from 30-40, B-G cups, is one of their top selling collections in the United States. But it is not just the sensuality of the Aubade brand that is elevating their presence in North American stores; it’s their focus on the US retailer’s needs. Now with a strong sales force in place at Easton International, it is certainly clear that they are learning our retail language.

“One Language Sets You In a Corridor for Life.
Two Languages Open Every Door Along the Way.” ~Frank Smith

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