A Royal Masterpiece ~ Christine Lingerie

By ELLEN LEWISChristine Lingerie Dark Romance silk print on Lingerie Briefs

I know I am a bit late to the party, but recently, I have been binge watching Game of Thrones, having missed the craze when it was peeking. My husband thought it wouldn’t appeal to me as I have a deep distaste for gratuitous violence and sex in films. But I am fine with it when it weaves the very fabric of the tale setting the course for the dark romance between good and evil. In fact, it is the potent forces of male hubris and female intuition that turns this story from a brutal exposition to a sensual lyric. Excellence in staging and luxurious in detail, each episode begs the viewer to want more. The contrast between shadowy sets (or maybe that is just my TV reception) and excessive riches lends an air of mystery that perpetuates the fantasy laid out before our eyes. It is difficult to look away.

Christine Lingerie Dark Romance silk print on Lingerie Briefs

Christine Lingerie’s newest silk vision, captured here in her Dark Romance collection, is as seductive to me as the Game of Thrones. This print is enigmatic, organic, and profoundly feminine.  Worn for pleasure or purpose, it is worthy of a private party or total exposure. Christine’s lounge pieces often find their way beyond the bedroom.  They are meant for the affluent heart, and the savvy curator. Appreciated globally for their excellence in execution and originality, they are an apt contribution to the artistic value of beautiful lingerie. I can never resist Christine’s art wondering every season from where her inspiration comes. Perhaps it is her Scottish heritage; just a short trip to Belfast where Game of Thrones is filmed that influenced this intimate masterpiece.

“Sometimes Words Are Not Needed, and the Simplicity of Expressing Yourself
Through an Art Form is One of the Best Ways of Communication”
~Emmanuel Jal



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