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Gosssard Superboost bras on Lingerie Briefs

Lately, actually always, I take a much more macro perspective on current events. I learned to do this many years ago when my father scolded me about over lamenting the loss of a particular boyfriend. Cold as his words were at the time “Get over it, you must realize that you are a very small speck in the universe and one event will not define your life”, the remand has enabled me to understand that individual deeds are simply a mark on the larger graph of time. Age teaches us that progress is an erratic climb to the top.

The history of the Gossard brand is a reflection of this precept. Even though they were born in America in 1901, their relocation to London in the 1920’s removed them from the North American Lingerie Landscape, making their re-entry into the US market a challenge in difficult retail times.  However, the brand’s century long touchstone developments are proof positive that they have always had their fingers on the market pulse. From its inception as a French inspired corsetry brand, Gossard has deftly created best-selling and innovative product that satisfy the fashion of the times: Silkskin nylon girdles (50’s), the padded pushup Wonderbra (60’s), transparent lightweight Glossies (70’s), and the iconic Superboost bras (90’s).

Gosssard Superboost bras on Lingerie Briefs

As Gossard has grown in the North American intimate market, it stands to reason that the Superboost drop V bralette is a super seller in the USA. Marrying Gossard’s push up signature, but cognizant of the current trend for a natural look, this front closure, racer back all lace style is unique in its niche. Now available 30-38, B-G cups (USA I cup), its rich colors have elevated this core collection to key item status in stores that understand its potential. Yet, another notch on the Gossard ladder.

“The Rung of a Ladder Was Never meant to Rest Upon” ~ Thomas Huxley


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