The Essence of a Brand ~ Triumph Lingerie


Liv Tyler for Triumph on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, I decided to take a DNA test; not for ancestry, although this was certainly revealed. I was curious about my long term health. I had the results professionally analyzed and was surprised how the counselor identified physical and psychological realities about my nature without knowing me at all. Of course, learning the truth can be difficult, but knowing the truth enables us to take the necessary steps to improve our future. I’ve never been an ostrich; I prefer knowledge.  And thankfully, there were no major health alerts, but even if there were, she had the information necessary to challenge any potential probabilities. It was an eye opening insight into from whence I come and where I might go.

The Triumph Essence campaign featuring Liv Tyler and photographed by Rankin on Lingerie Briefs

Dwelling on this process, Triumph Lingerie emerged on my radar. Triumph, whose identity is so ensconced in in its 131 year old DNA, is a heritage brand replete with the lingerie genealogy required to insure excellence in product development. But, familiar as I was with the name, even before my entrance into the Intimate industry, I did not appreciate the virtues of the Triumph collections until I took a much deeper look at their genetic code. One signature trait of the Triumph lineage is their clear grasp of the cultural shifts as fashion evolved and still evolves through the decades. Identifying a woman’s fit and wardrobe needs and creating appropriate and desirable merchandise that endures for multiple seasons is part of the company’s bloodline. One perfect example is the Essence collection, originally launched in 2011 and recently updated, is now a trademark of the brand’s personality. Engaging Liv Tyler as the Essence ambassador proves my point. In these images, photographed by John Rankin Waddell, Liv’s warm and sensual style captures the very root of the Triumph character; technically innovative, sophisticated, and luxurious while  supported with a very comfortable fit.

“Character, I am Sure, Lies in the Genes”  ~Taylor Caldwell

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