‘Tis the Season ~ Karen Neuburger® Holiday Pajamas


Karen Neuburger® Christmas Pajamas on Lingerie Briefs

At an earlier phase of my career, embedded in the department store retail world, Christmas never appeared before Black Friday. The visual holiday transformation showcased the following day was magical; a plethora of decorations that announced the start of a frenetic selling period. Fun as it was to witness the “hot items” of the season, it was the crazy “stuff” people bought that never ceased to amaze me. My own family was guilty as charged: candy cane earrings dangling from my mother in law’s ears, jingle bells tingling from my sister in law’s sweaters, lights glowing from my brother’s Santa hats. When my sister arrived one year, antlers on her head, accompanied by her 2 dachshunds in matching elf costumes, I knew there was little hope of keeping this custom of making a campy Christmas statement at bay.

Karen Neuburger Christmas Pajamas on Lingerie Briefs It’s no secret that holiday PJ’s are abundant at this time of year, but this season, I am partial to the kn collection by Karen Neuburger®. Maybe it’s because my son has married into a family who continues the tradition of goofiness by compelling every member to wear matching pajamas on Christmas morning. After all, this assortment has something for every size. Or perhaps it’s because Karen Neuburger’s sleepwear has been a mainstay of holiday giving for 20 years becoming a staple on Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list. But personally I believe it’s the quality and the value. Known for its soft subtle fleecy fabrics, quirky patterns and comfortable appeal, these styles are also very reasonably priced, an absolute deal when decking out an entire household. Available in 4 sizes for adults, 6 sizes for kids and I am not quite sure how many for pets, these pajamas are annual best-sellers for this main-tier brand.

“There is Nothing in this World as Consistently Courageous
as Laughter and Good Humor” ~Charles Dickens


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