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Skarlett Blue Minx balconettr bra and Goddess chikini thong on Lingerie BriefsSome years ago, while working for an international company who was considered expert in the design and development of casual sleep and loungewear, I was asked by the owner to research the potential of entering the bra business. Why? Because at the time we functioned as a sourcing arm for Victoria Secret’s robe and PJ categories. In fact, overseeing this process was my primary responsibility.  My boss was exploring the possibility of expanding our reach with the client, even though we held a healthy position in the supply chain. It was this project that truly educated me on the cost of setting up and running a successful foundations business. The first thing I asked him (and we are speaking of some years ago) is “Do you have a million dollars to spare?”  The bra business is very complicated.  That’s why labels that sustain themselves are often the offspring of established bra companies whose infrastructure provides refuge to a nascent brand.

Such is the case with Skarlett Blue Lingerie, launched 3 years ago under the egis of Dana-Co Ltd, whose expertise has guided the successful Natori foundations business for over 13 years.  I have been following this sassy, young label since their inception. In fact, it is my opinion, that Skarlett Blue addresses a consumer profile that has long been dominated by my previous VS comrades. They have captured the sexy attitude but created a more natural shape with a bit less push. An excellent example is their bestselling Minx balconette bra shown here with the chikini thong, fitting sizes 28-36, A-DD cups and XS-L panties. Now part of the Skarlett Blue core, these styles prove that continuity of sales establishes brand credibility. To quote a customer: “I can’t get enough of this bra”.

“Your Brand Is What Other People Say About You
When You Are Not In The Room” Jeff Bezos

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