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I’ve been debating about writing this blog about Juana de Arco for a while now. I know that many of our readers look to us to see what’s happening in the market, specifically intimate apparel. So highlighting an artisan brand that encompasses a woman’s entire lifestyle in which lingerie is part, but not necessarily the primary piece of their story could be perceived as counter intuitive. I actually discovered this 18 year old Argentinean brand several years ago at Curve when I stopped at their booth mesmerized by the riot of colors and patterns on display.  As enticing as the visuals were, I didn’t really see how this array of one of a kind apparel in a miasma of bespoke hand printed fabrics would mesh with the North American retail attitude. But as the millennial search for unique product has surfaced and traditional business models have imploded, it is the unexpected offer that is winning. Lately, I have been contacted by several emerging entrepreneurs whose lingerie perspective encompasses way more than the obvious categories. Theirs is a vision that takes a theme from underwear, sport, work, vacation, their kids, their homes and their bedrooms and even sometimes to the men in their lives. Here in Cabo San Lucas blending wardrobes is seamless and the vivid chromatic is the propeller.  People wearing Juana de Arco yoga pants could easily be seen in a matching (or mismatching) cover up on the beach, scarf around their heads, or perhaps a skirt and top while shopping or a prosaic dress at dinner. Maybe it’s the spontaneous behavior that often emanates from Latin climates, but I think this trend is about to heat up North of the border. The message here is greater than the creative effort, albeit the merchandise is fun. One needs to learn to live and lead from outside of the box.

Juana de Arco one of a kind product on Lingerie Briefs

“If You Don’t Think Outside of the Box, You May Just Get Stuck in a Cubicle”
Eric Vance Walton


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