Destiny ~ Lise Charmel Bridal Lingerie


I am sitting here this freezing January afternoon, intent on writing a blog about the startling beauty that is Lise Charmel bridal lingerie. I imagine a winter affair; ice, blankets, wine, and romance. I think about the stunning film, Dr. Zhivago and the sensual chemistry that Omar sheriff and Julie Christie stirred in their award winning roles as the star-crossed lovers, Yuri and Lara. And even though the story is one of deprivation, the depth of character and the seductive screen play are a study in elegance. What if fate had not interfered and a wedding had taken place? What would Lara have worn beneath her wedding gown? I imagine that it would be from the Exception Charme Collection; a sexy, sophisticated triumph of lace and silk. I imagine this because, just like the movie, these styles elevate the art of intimate apparel to a level of excellence indefinable but irrefutable. Yes, the Calais lace, and the Swarovski anointed guipure contribute, but it is the famous Lise Charmel fit that endures. More important: when the day recedes into history, these pieces remain keepsakes, a forever token of a splendid memory.

“Our Memories Are The Only Paradise From Which We Can Never Be Expelled”
~ John Paul Richter


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