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Salua Lingerie dip dyed cotton silk sleepwear on Lingerie Briefs

As I mentioned last week in this column, I depart tomorrow for Paris in search of inspiration from the Salon de Lingerie and Interfilere shows. The former is a brand overview of silhouettes available for delivery at retail for A/W 2018. The later focuses on textiles, the very nourishment of a designer’s palette. This fabric fair looks ahead to 2019 bringing into focus the cultural influences that will drive creativity in the Lingerie market going forward. Curating this information and making it palatable for the North American market requires vision. I use the myriad of influences available to me to isolate ideas that have, in my opinion, a level of validity for the American lifestyle. One of the many messages emanating from these shows over the past few seasons is the “Lightness of Being”: free flowing, natural fabrics whose fluidity constitutes a more modern definition of luxury. I am not yet sure if this trend will shift by next year, but I do know that keeping it clean and simple is here to stay.

Salua Lingerie validates this spring 2018 intimate’s direction with its breezy new dip dyed cotton sleepwear collection delivering to stores this month. Constructed in a delicious woven cotton/ silk blend that floats around the torso, these pieces resonate a feminine delicacy for which this brand is known. Hand crafted in the Seattle studio and produced in Columbia, they are perfect examples of the Salua crossover design direction: both bridal gift perfect and sleepwear ready. Available in one size that fits up to an XL, they are easy, breezy icons of elegance. It’s nice to see the esoteric come to fruition, the vision become product. I look forward to being enlightened this week in France as we telegraph back to you, the stories being told.

“Figuring Out What the Next Big Trend Is Tells Us What We Should Focus On”  Mark Zuckerberg

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