Glamorous Modern Method Collection ~ b.tempt’d

Say hello to the newest b.tempt’d collection: Modern Method. Modern with a quiet confidence is a collection to be coveted by women who exude that effortless glamour. You know, the glamour that comes from embracing their natural shape. This arrangement includes an underwire bra, bralette, and strapless bra that each boast seamless, lace fabric with a cozy lining for ultimate comfort.

Slip into the Modern Method Bralette (above) – this is the bralette every girl will want to wear when she wants to feel like herself, only slightly more stylish. There is really no cozier way to be held than the brushed lace lining, seamless triangular cups, sweet and subtle bow detail.
Modern Method Underwire bra ~ b.tempt'dSofter than you could ever imagine, the Modern Method Underwire Bra features a silhouette that stays true to you. Everything about this style is inspired by women who love to feel comfortable in their own skin.
Modern Method Strapless bra ~ b.tempt'dLightweight, lace and strapless? Yup, it exists. Modern Method Strapless Bra features thin foam cups that smooth and shape, and the back view is all lace.


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