Sexy Shaping ~ Maison Close Shapewear Launches


Maison Close Shapewear on Lingerie Briefs

I have struggled my entire life with a desire to contain a curvy figure while not feeling constrained. From the first “girdle” my mother bought me at age 12 (and  I refused to wear) to the explosion of shaping garments technically engineered to “seamlessly” smooth and control, I have chosen comfort over concealment. But, with time, my body has decided to retire south and no amount of exercise or diet has much impact. (Well, no amount that I am willing to sacrifice). I even consulted a cool sculpting clinic a few weeks ago: a non-invasive way to diminish flab.  But it seems like an awful lot of expense for a 25% reduction of fat. So I resigned myself to re-exploring the shapewear category.  Product wise, my timing couldn’t be more on target. As the textile market continues to evolve, major breakthroughs in soft fabrics with “hold” are emerging. And with this, lingerie companies are re-thinking their approach to Shapewear. The buzz is growing louder in the market. It was an important story at Interfilière and on full display at the sexy French brand, Maison Close.

Maison Close Shapewear on Lingerie Briefs

It seems a bit counter intuitive to see control garments debuting now in an assortment  known specifically for letting it all hang out. But in fact, Maison Close’s Belle de Jour Collection achieves both these needs. These styles are sensual as well as functional. Integrating the brand’s erotic aesthetic with a combination of ultra-fine microfiber sheathing and mesh, they seductively sculpt a woman’s curves. When I touched the fabric, it was clear that this luxury label has not compromised its quality requirements. Available in sizes S-XXL, these pieces are meant to celebrate a woman’s voluptuous curves. They are meant to be seen. Shapewear that makes a provocative statement: that is a new trend

Maison Close Shapewear on Lingerie Briefs

“Sculpture Occupies the Same Space as Your Body”  ~Anish Kapoor

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