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Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch Collection on Lingerie Briefs

Mothers and Daughters are a complicated affair. As the parent of two very different girls (Grace Kelly and Grace Slick) I wouldn’t even dare to comment. But here is one thing of which I am sure: as teenager’s moms can be an anathema and as adults they are often life preservers. Case in point, when my eldest (that’s Grace Kelly) was in her 20’s I offered her some hand embroidered cashmere cardigans from my youth that were by then, way too small for me. She was not impressed. However, last year, she inquired if they were still around.  (Nope; snooze, you lose).  Now in her 30’s, she appreciates quality and cares about comfort as well as style. Also, I am now the source of approval when she shops (I get selfies from the fitting room).

Chantelle Lingerie Soft Stretch Collection on Lingerie Briefs

So last season, when Chantelle Lingerie gave me a sample of their new Soft Stretch one size (fitting S-XL) hipsters, I offered them to her without telling her how well they actually fit me. The only reason I was giving them away is that I prefer briefs which were not available on the initial launch. Based on her preference for clean lines, weightless underwear and modern silhouettes, I knew these seamless panties, now available in up to 19 colors were right up her alley. She claims that they are one of the most comfortable styles she has ever worn.  I concur. I have now tried the brief and it is my new go to favorite; no lines, no pressure, no movement beneath my clothes, especially leggings and riding pants which I practically live in. What makes them so special is that I don’t know they are there.  What adds to the excitement about this underwear event is that there are now 8 shapes available in the Soft Stretch Collection. And very soon, the panties will be coming in one size fitting 1X – 4X. That’s a lot of mothers and daughters in underwear sync.  Now that’s a  coup!

“The Mother and Child Reunion is Only a Motion Away” ~Paul Simon


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