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Rago Foundations Ensemble Dressing on Lingerie Briefs

When does my mother’s girdle and burlesque go together? When Rago Foundations marries them. Seems a bit incongruous, I know; but not when these products are in the hands of a seasoned pro. Rago has been making undergarments in the USA for over 50 years. And with the acquisition of the 100 year old Cortlandt Manufacturing Company the combined expertise is astonishing. Known for their unique technical engineering in proprietary fabrics, Rago has sustained its established core business while capitalizing on the cult trends that so seamlessly engage their product offer. From the throws of the Mad Men mania to the retro niche that entered mainstream fashion in the past decade, the company not only sustains its traditional consumer base but has become a brand to follow for the millennial vintage lover.

Rago Foundations Ensemble Dressing on Lingerie Briefs

Personally, I have followed the Rago brand for years, familiar to me from my mother’s underwear drawers. But until I dug deep into this their stable of essentials, I did not fully grasp the workhorse that that this lingerie company is. These garments are constructed to honor and support a woman’s curves. Rago’s newest foray into Whole Body Dressing is a showcase for the brand’s touch points. It is is an ensemble of shaping pieces: long line bras, waist nippers and capri pants. Adhering to Rago’s stringent attention to construction details, these pieces are engineered with expandable no wire cups that change as a woman’s breasts change, signature circular power bands placed to shape the derriere and waist, multi sectioned waist cinchers supported by flexible boning, plus sizes to 8X with unique items to 15X and 4 shades of neutrals that embrace multiple skin tones. I have watched shapewear brands come and go as the trend ebbs and flows. But one thing I do know is that the creme always rises to the top. No wonder Rago’s is an award winning brand.

“Without Foundations, There Can Be No Fashion” ~Christian Dior

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  1. Joanne says:

    “Heritage Shapewear”. I LOVE this description! I’ve been using the term “Traditional Shapewear” for years.

  2. I have been liking Rago girdles for a long time.

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