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Ginia Silk Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

What is value? I read quite a bit lately about the millennial quest for value and I wonder why the press is making such a big deal about the concept. It’s not a new question, albeit, perhaps the definition has evolved. Is value about cost or is cost what clarifies value? For my part, value has always been about character, long term investment; how a product withstands the tides of time. Value is taste, style perpetuity. If, by circumstance, all of this can be had for an amazing price, I salute it. A good deal is always worth the find. Nothing has changed in the pursuit of value in the last decade, or the last generation, not the last century. I was taught to respect the integrity of a product and, I am certainly not a millennial.

Ginia Silk Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

This brings me to Ginia Lingerie, the Australian silk lingerie brand that embodies my sense of value. I discovered Ginia Silk at Curve several seasons ago when they first launched in America. Their timing was fortuitous. A major silk player in our market had just closed its doors and retailers were on the hunt for a new source. The challenge was/ is that to establish a silk foothold in America, price is of the essence.  Silk apparel often defies this as it is developed and designed for luxury wear.  What intrigued me about Ginia, and still stands, is that the prices are so good for the quality. In fact, competitive is an understatement. Classic in design, yet modern in effect, these styles are easily sleepwear, loungewear and ready to wear. Ginia sells to intimate and apparel stores globally, positioning them as a contemporary brand. Sized from 8 – 18 or XS- L the collections include 19mm silk satin and silk linen blends as well as bespoke touches.  Price + Elegance = Equity: a perfect formula for value.

“Price Is What You Pay. Value Is What You Get.” ~Warren Buffet

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