The Tattoo Effect ~ Maison Lejaby Lingerie

By ELLEN LEWISimage from Creative Juice blog found on Pinterest

Some years ago, when my daughter was a teenager, she went downtown to the East Village with her best friend and unbeknownst to me, got a tattoo. She had every intention of keeping this a secret (it was on her back), but a little birdie called me and let the cat out of the bag. I freaked out and made my feelings known to my young design and merchandising staff that were, maybe, 10 years older than she. Within 5 minutes of my diatribe, at least 6 of them entered my office, lifted their shirts and gifted me with an array of ink work worthy of Picasso (if in his lifetime this was considered an art form).  Overwhelmed with dragons, flowers, butterflies and full running landscapes, I realized, immediately, that I was officially the member of an older generation.  When, shortly after this, my older sister festooned her shoulder blades with a floral esplanade worthy of an English garden, I realized that the trend had gone main stream. Emerging from a recess of society, Tattoo Art had begun its foray into a style statement. Today, in step with the current practice of personal branding, it is no wonder that the Lingerie market has joined the fray.

Maison Lejaby full cup bra from the "Tatoo" collection on Lingerie Briefs

This spring, retail sales of Maison Lejaby’s “Tatoo” collection are confirming this statement. Capitalizing on this season’s graphic lace design direction, Lejaby has created bras and panties that perpetuate the tattoo effect. Created with a unique embroidery on delicate dotted Swiss tulle, these pieces are expertly engineered to not only highlight but also support a woman’s assets. This chic interpretation of a popular street art is an excellent illustration of this 130+ year French brand’s aesthetic. Fitting women 32-40, B-DDD cups these tattoos remain removable and therefore, always fresh. My daughter doesn’t like her ink anymore. Too bad these intimates were not available when she originally explored this body art ritual.

“A Tattoo is a True Poetic Creation, and is Always More Than Meets the Eye” ~V. Vale


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