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Speranza bespoke bra found on PinterestI found this image on Pinterest and to date it is the most popular picture I have ever posted. I think that it is because this bespoke bra is evidence of the artistic potential of lingerie placed in the right designer’s hands. It is craftsmanship at its best. Have you ever envisioned a bra made of peacock feathers?  Neither had I, until I found this ingenious wonder while trawling through the website.

I love the creativity of the Pinterest platform. We are on 6 sites now, some more robust than ever, but the one site that remains, at its core, a hub of shared ideas is Pinterest. That’s why when an image is saved or reposted, I believe that the purpose is sincere.  It affirms an admiration for artistry and the recognition of its power to not only seduce, but to nourish the imagination. Maybe it is why it is so weighted to female users.

Simone Perele Manille demi bra and panty on Lingerie Briefs

How serendipitous is the Manille fashion collection from Simone Pérèle? This bra and panty set is selling rapidly at retailers who indulged. It could have inspired or been inspired by the one of a kind image above on Pinterest; its appeal to women who feel empowered by their lingerie is self-evident. But this bra, engineered with the Simone Pérèle esteemed fit, is available from sizes 30-38, B-F cups. Light as a feather, the embroidered tulle and silk satin details are supported by expert construction. How uniquely characteristic of this brand: elegance, engineering and esthetcs. This is savoir-faire. From everyday essentials to the pinnacle of fashion, Simone Pérèle’s understanding of what independent women really want has fueled their success. No wonder they are celebrating a 70th anniversary this year!

“I Am Grateful to be a Woman.
I Must Have Done Something Great in Another Life ~Maya Angelou



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