The Cadolle Legend


Cadolle haute couture lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

There is some controversy about who invented the first bra. The final answer is unequivocally Herminie Cadolle, who secured the first “brassiere” patent in Paris in 1879. Founder of the legendary Maison Cadolle, Herminie was the first of six generations of Cadolle women dedicated to celebrating the female form in tandem with the cultural environment of the period. The House of Cadolle  is famed for its technical prowess and fashion flair. Poupie’s costume designs for Monica Bellucci in the last James Bond movie, her celebrity clientele and medical patent continues the long tradition of innovation throughout the history of Cadolle.

Cadolle La Collection on Lingerie Briefs

On a personal note, I met 5th generation Poupie Cadolle several years ago. Responsible for redefining the silhouette with the transformation of the traditional “confining” corset to a style comfortable to wear, Poupie continues the Salon’s haute couture heritage as her daughter Patricia steers this decade’s venture into modern intimates. Instilled with the imprint of the “Cadolle touch”, the new collections are independent statements that embrace a liberating bow to female empowerment. Patricia’s vision of lingerie is a feline odyssey; soft, agile and seductive. Already a global brand, well established at the Paris Salon de Lingerie, Patricia brought ‘La Collection 2018’ to Curve New York receiving accolades from the buyers to whom I spoke. It is clear she is right in sync with her predecessors as she moves forward with the Cadolle Saga. Watch for the book on the family odyssey publishing this fall.

Cadolle La Collection on Lingerie Briefs

“My Mom Was a Source of Strength. She Showed Me by Example that Women, Regardless of How Difficult Life May Get, Can Do It All” ~ Gloria Estefan


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