Ode to the 3/4 Cup Bra ~ Eprise by Lise Charmel

Frivole Eté in white - Eprise by Lise Charmel - seen on Lingerie BriefsSometimes it is just better when your cup is only ¾ full. Eprise, the luxurious fuller cup brand by Lise Charmel proves this unequivocally with their ¾ cup balconette bras that anchor all of their luxury collections. Engineered with the famed Lise Charmel fit, this silhouette is uniquely designed for a sophisticated woman who is not afraid to flaunt her curves. The narrow center gorge allows for a deeper plunge on fuller figures creating a sexier neckline. This construction provides much less coverage than a full cup or contour bra. (Shown above – Frivole Eté  3/4 Cup Balconette in white 32-38 D-F cups)

Eprise Instant Chic in lilac 3/4 cup - seen on Lingerie BriefsEprise Instant Chic 3/4 Balconette in lilac 32-40 D-F cup

Eprise offers luxurious, embroidered lingerie with exceptional fit for the fuller-figured woman.

Perpetuating the rounder form that is sought after in North America, the 3/4 Cup has become a bestselling shape for the Eprise brand. Exclusive embroidery and feminine guipure details enrich these styles insuring that D-F cups, 32 – 40 bands can indulge in the famed Lise Charmel charm.

Eprise Instant Chic 3/4 Cup Balconette in Blue - Lise Charmel as seen on Lingerie BriefsEprise Instant Chic 3/4 Cup Balconette in blue 32-40 D-F cup

Lise Charmel - Eprise Aura India 3/4 cup balconette bra - Lingerie BriefsEprise Aura India 3/4 Cup Balconette Bra 32-40 D-F cup

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