A Lingerie Star ~ Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless


When a star in any industry rises to the top of their trade, you often will see them on the Red Carpet. They are lauded for excellence in performance and recognized among their peers for superior skills. I started thinking about this several weeks back while reading Charles Dickens classic novel, David Copperfield. Dickens gained notoriety during his life time for his beautifully configured prose. Dickens was a master of the written word and I never really understood it until I listened carefully to his extraordinary ability to turn a phrase. His technique mesmerized me. The descriptive detail engineered into the pages weave a tale not easy to forget. I could not put the book down.

As you know, this blog is about incorporating everyday observations into the essence of lingerie; finding a symbiosis between a great product and my lifestyle. When I learned (through the grapevine) that Wacoal’s Red Carpet strapless bra had hit the number one spot on the NPD Intimate Sale’s report and that it was, in fact, the only strapless style to have ever achieved this position, I immediately correlated it to my recent encounter with Dickens’s work. Like Dickens, this style’s excellently crafted construction has catapulted it to celebratory status. Engineered to guarantee the famed Wacoal comfort and support, this strapless bra satisfies a huge variety of fuller breast shapes:  round, shallow top/full bottom, east/west, pendulous, uneven. What makes the Red Carpet achievement so much more interesting is that, not only did it reach number one on the Lingerie billboard, but that it did it in the height of winter, not the traditional strapless selling season. Clearly it satisfies a much broader consumer need than the norm. Launched in 2011, the Red Carpet Bra is revered by fitters for its enduring quality and continuity in fit ranging from 32-44, B-H cups. Like Dickens, time has positioned it as an icon in its niche.

“The Red Carpet Has to be Felt to be Believed.” ~William H. Macy

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