Conversation with Helen Masters of UK-based Pudding Lingerie Consulting

by DEEDEE CROSLAND ~ Audio BriefsInterview with Helen Masters of Pudding Lingerie Consulting as seen on Lingerie BriefsI recently had the pleasure of chatting with Helen Masters, the owner and creator of Pudding Training and Consulting, located in Windsor, England. Pudding is a multi-platform lingerie consultancy firm that caters to retailers, brands and industry insiders all over the world.  On this podcast you’ll hear how Helen transitioned from owning her highly successful, award winning lingerie boutique (Pudding) to establishing her training consultancy.  Helen also talks about the fast changing retail climate, what the face of lingerie retail will look like in 5 years and how she helps brick and mortar stores compete with online retail.  Take a listen and find out that the proof is indeed in the Pudding!

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