Introducing Helen Masters and London Briefs

By Ellen Lewis

Helen Masters editor of London Briefs on Lingerie BriefsIn her Audio Briefs column yesterday, Deedee Crosland interviewed Helen Masters, owner of Pudding Lingerie, a British based consultancy service focused on intimate retailers and brands. Helen’s career spans many years in the Lingerie business including an 8 year ownership of an award winning boutique in which she was renowned for her bra fitting expertise.  You can learn more about Helen’s extensive lingerie industry credentials on the Podcast. Today, at Lingerie Briefs, we are announcing that Helen Masters joins our team as the editor of a new column, London Briefs, launching tomorrow, 5/30/2018, in which she will share her expert insight into UK brands, events, retailers and more. We are thrilled to have Helen on sight in the British market, a market in which the nuances, technical expertise and innovative design, I believe, stands at the helm of modern product development. We welcome her participation  and look forward to her unique perspective for highlighting the best of the UK.

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