Structurally Sound ~ Lingerie as Architecture


We hear a lot about architecture when it comes to buildings, but what about when it comes to clothing?  The styles featured here are architecturally-inspired designs, but in this case, no blueprints are required!  Whether it’s the framework of a dress or a bustier, each piece shows stunning angles and curves, allowing light and open space to complement the finished product.  All of these looks are akin to pieces of art, and many are high-concept fashions with exaggerated proportions, so it’s especially exciting when a designer can incorporate this idea into everyday, wearable looks.  Take the brand Bordelle, for example, with its strappy, structured lingerie…(see example toward the end of this post).

It comes as no surprise that the great Coco Chanel once stated that “fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions”.  Over the years, numerous fashion designers credit architectural details for influencing their work.  The following images represent just a few who have merged architecture and intimate apparel.

John Paul Gaultier on Lingerie BriefsJohn Paul Gaultier

Maya Hansen On Lingerie BriefsMaya Hansen

Designer unknown as seen on Lingerie BriefsDesigner Unknown

Winde Rienstra on Lingerie BriefsWinde Rienstra

Laurence Brett Weiner on Lingerie BriefsLaurence Brett Weiner

Chromats  on Lingerie BriefsChromats 

Yohji Yamamoto on Lingerie BriefsYohji Yamamoto

Maison Boucheron on Lingerie BriefsMaison Boucheron

John Paul Gaultier on Lingerie BriefsJohn Paul Gaultier

Winde Rienstra on Lingerie BriefsWinde Rienstra

Baiba Ladiga on Lingerie BriefsBaiba Ladiga

Dolce & Gabbana on Lingerie BriefsDolce & Gabbana

Bordelle on Lingerie BriefsBordelle

Jum Nakao on Lingerie BriefsJum Nakao

Iris Van Herpen








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