Audio Interview With SOAK WASH Founder, Jacqueline Sava

by DEEDEE CROSLAND ~ Audio BriefsDeedee Crosland of Audio Briefs Jacqueline Sava, founder, creative director of SOAK WASH for delicates - featured on Lingerie BriefsWe are back with another Audio Brief, and our new podcast name ‘the Naked Point of View’ brings new and fun people as well!  Earlier this spring I spoke with Jacqueline Sava who is the founder, creative director and self proclaimed Soak Savant of her brand –  SOAK WASH.   Soak Wash is liquid laundry wash for woolen products and beloved delicates.  On this podcast, listen to Jacqueline discuss her journey on how she built her company from the ground up, the intricate R&D process of picking the right fragrance (which we do on the show), and the next steps for a ground breaking product development coming soon.

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