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Lusome Ginger Luxe PJ with Xirotex moisture evaporating technology on Lingerie Briefs

The first time I ever dealt with serious night sweats was after the birth of my second child. Waking up one night in a pool of water, I found the only relief was to wear a full length terry robe to sleep. I was pretty taken aback by the experience having never before encountered the problem. I was only 35 and I thought that this hormonal shift was reserved for a later in life change. Luckily, with the exception of some warm summer nights, this issue has not presented a huge challenge for me since. But, I am very aware of this feminine phenomenon as I hear about it often from friends suffering through illness as well as peri-menopause, menopause and post-partum adjustments. In fact, in 2015, I wrote a blog heralding the Lusomé brand, whose solution to excessive perspiration was extolled by several women who wear- tested the sleepwear.

Lusome Classic Luxe PJ with Xirotex moisture evaporating technology on Lingerie Briefs

What intrigues me about Lusomé is their continual R&D into solution technology in order to boost product performance. The recent introduction of Xirotex™ with its innovative capillary structure and dual layer construction is a case in point. This luxury fabric is incredibly soft and has proven in independent lab tests (measured using standard MMT & OMMC protocols) to show that Xirotex™ is 10 times more effective at eliminating perspiration and bacteria than the nearest moisture-wicking competitor. The entire process of pulling the moisture from the skin and moving it to the surface takes no more than 10 seconds. This alone proclaims Lusomé as a night sweat savior. But, that which elevates the brand to a whole new level of value is the contemporary designs, simple shapes that are not only comfortable but also stylish. And I am personally pleased to recognize their Sweet Dream initiative that gives care packages to women in emergency shelters. It’s more proof that Lusomé is all about supporting real life female obstacles.

All Beautiful Things Are Made by Those Who Strive to Make Something Useful.” – Oscar Wilde


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