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Hanging Secrets Closet Bra and Lingerie Organizer as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I came home from Cabo San Lucas a few weeks earlier this summer to help my daughter move into her new studio apartment in NYC. The plan was for me load the car with her baggage and drive them into the city. But when I entered her living room it was very clear that that wasn’t going to happen. The place was in complete chaos. Nothing was packed. It seems that she was so overwhelmed by the plethora of stuff collected, hoarded and squirreled away for the past 5 years, that she found it impossible to get organized. Needless to say, we spent the afternoon siphoning through her things to determine what to dump, what to give away and what to keep. It helps to have an outside voice capable of guiding her through the process. The following day we made trip one into Manhattan. Somehow or another, a great deal of cartons were moved to my house. But what are parents for other than a storage locker?

Even though I count myself an organized person, my daughter’s apartment actually reminded me of my bra drawer. I only have 3 bureau drawers and one of them is completely dedicated to bras. That’s a lot of real estate for one category of clothing. Between my business, the active life I have and the reality that my size commands a lot of territory, there are at least 40 bras in there. Fact is, I rotate between 6 of them at any one time. This is partially because of lifestyle and mostly due to access. So, when inventor and entrepreneur Francis Prado asked me to take a closer look at her patented Hanging Secrets® Closet Bra and Lingerie Organizer, I thought; problem solved. This handy accessory holds up to 12 molded bras, plus panties. Beautifully constructed, washable and equally useful for swimwear, the only issue for me is that it functions for bras 32-40, A-C cup. My drawer will have to remain as is, BUT, I know what I am getting my daughter for a housewarming gift.

“Organizing Is What You Do Before You Do Something, So That When You Do It, It Is Not All Mixed Up” ~A. A. Milne



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