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Block Island Rhode Island on Lingerie Briefs

There are some of you who might think that my comparison of the Antinéa Lingerie brand to my recent sojourn with my grandson to Block Island is crazy. But believe me, there is a rhyme to my reason. Block Island, situated about an hour’s ferry ride off the coast of Rhode Island, is a repository of familial memories. This tiny enclave is a perfect paragon of my definition of luxury: no pretense, understated and comfortable with unique details that define its character. Houses generations old, not precocious yet remarkably unique embroider a luminous seascape. You might find yourself, beer in hand, chatting with a weathered looking guy in jeans and a flannel shirt and never know that he owns that 50 foot yacht moored at the marina. On Block Island, it’s what you feel but can’t always see; the consistent breeze, the ocean mystique, and the affable attitude that brings peace of mind and calm to the soul. It’s an accessible paradise.

Antinea Fashion Guipure full cup bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

So it makes sense to me to compare the Antinéa Fashion Guipure Collection to this charming place. As a part of the brand portfolio of the Lise Charmel Group, it represents the company’s mission of attainable luxury. It is Antinéa’s proprietary technique, “Calandrage de la Guipure” that identifies this brand’s exclusive design signature. Silk threads are interwoven on transparent tattooed tulle in an intertwining pattern of flowers and foliage.  Clearly, these styles were inspired by nature. Sheer enough for the skin to surface, but firm enough to support  a range of sizes, 30-44, A-G cups, Fashion Guipure is constructed to embrace and emulate a woman’s curves. Part of the company manifesto of comfort as well as enduring beauty, these bras and panties are a private and obtainable treasure in a woman’s wardrobe.

“If It’s the Right Chair, It Doesn’t Take Long to Get Comfortable” Robert De Niro


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  1. Serge Ménard(Maynard) says:

    Howdy! How are You? Me not bad but not good and in between. Yes I agree that collection is awesome and can be good for Bridal also, the Grey color on Your Facebook page looks superb. The only thing I am sad about, is that We do not know the name of the Model, I just wish those Facebook page or blogs like this here, Would say:
    “Here is Ms and (Her name) or Mr (His name) showing Us the fit and style and the fabric, for me at least it is very important to know the name of the Model, They are not plastic show room dummy, They are Human being and They work hard in Their profession and long hours also, so for me it is a principle of life to treat Female or Male model with respect and dignity, so for me at least to show Our appreciations we name Their names in a Human manor. I am a very chivalrous man, so I respect Women, so that is why. Maybe You will not like it though, but I am Christian, following the fabric and clothing industry, I almost became a Lingerie Designer, but when I went to look and read in Design Schools and Colleges, We have to take sewing courses, for me it is not very good, because the way I am clumsy sometime, I would of left design college resembling Frankenstein sew all over. So I decided to pass and to concentrate on my Christianity. Thanks for what You and Your service and very different blog and original one, You are not one of those cookie cutter Lingerie Blogger, You spice it up and with pertinent information and to put it in another angle and philosophy. Continue Your Superb Work and Dedication. It is awesome. Take care and be safe. Have a nice day or at least try too. Keep it sunny in Your soul.

  2. Couldn’t resist replying to this when I saw it. I love the price point of Antinea and so do my customers. I am also looking forward to carrying their Guipure style in my store with the same impenetrable spider nylon as Lise Charmel later on this Fall.

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