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On Gossamer Next to Nothing plunge bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

What an incredibly hot and sticky summer we have had in the Northeast this year. I live in fear of my air conditioning bill. I needn’t have retreated from the Mexican sauna that descends on my Cabo home in August. It’s hotter now in New York. It better change this Saturday because I am going to a Boston College football game and I really don’t look forward to a steam bath in the bleachers. Weather like this pleads for minimalism: less to eat, less to do, less to wear. That must be one of the reasons why On Gossamer’s new Next to Nothing micro t shirt bra is experiencing such a high sell through since its launch 2 weeks ago. In fact, several specialty stores have already reordered it. It’s a perfect solution for women who can wear 32-34, A-DDD cups.  Engineered in a super fine stretch microfiber that is incredibly soft, this seamless demi plunge style is invisible beneath clothes.  When fashion commands simplicity in design as well as feather light fabrics, this seamless underwire style (and its panty partner) does the deed. No wonder it has joined the esteemed stable of On Gossamer’s light as air intimate essentials.

“Minimalism is Not a Lack of Something,
It’s Simply the Perfect Amount of Something”  ~Nicholas Burroughs



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