Leg Lingerie ~ Natori Hosiery


Last week I was speaking to Danny Koch, owner of Town Shop in NYC and I asked him if anything new was selling. His response: “The newest thing in our store is Natori Hosiery and socks, it is gorgeous. Made by Memoi, it is just on the shelves and is doing well. Josie was very involved in all aspects.” He had my attention. I called Memoi immediately for more information.

Natori Tights on Lingerie Briefs

On a personal note, I haven’t worn tights, stockings or stay ups for more years than I care to count. I am absolutely not a dress or skirt gal. Socks are my thing; the more eccentric the better. It’s a great way to make a statement in a wardrobe generally dominated by black and white. (Guilty)  However, as a hosiery and legwear buyer at one point in my well-worn career, I learned a thing or two about the category. A combination of creativity and numbers, the hosiery business is an excellent margin driver.

Natori Stay Ups on Lingerie Briefs

Although sheers reign less supreme than in their heyday, legwear; textured, opaque, patterned, printed, to the waist, to the thigh, to the calf and to the ankle, and even just on the foot, is still a fashion accessory in a woman’s wardrobe. The correlation of lingerie for the body and lingerie for the legs seems indisputable. Intimate stores don’t need to carry a caravan of legwear brands, but Danny’s call out of Natori’s hosiery sales seems worth a look.

“Darling, the Legs aren’t So Beautiful, I Just Know What to Do With Them” ~Marlene Dietrich


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