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Ruby Ribbon's wireless cami to an H cup featured on Lingerie BriefsThis is an “I told you so story”.  As a child, my parents were adamant in their belief that one should “never judge a book by its cover”. Recently this age old adage came back to haunt me. Here’s how.

I receive a great many product solicitations via email and I make a point of never passing over the initial message. A buyer needs to see what’s happening out there because one never knows where a new idea will emerge. This is how I was introduced to the Ruby Ribbon brand, a very unique (and successful) initiative in product development and distribution. The company’s manifest devoted to empowering women both in how they feel about themselves and as entrepreneurs intrigued me.  So, I took a deeper dive and agreed to try the product.  It arrived in the heat of July: I did not even attempt to put it on. Constructed of a performance fabric with a modicum of compression, I could not even imagine wearing it just then, despite its claim of incredible wireless comfort for up to an H cup. Then, when it finally cooled down, I took the leap.

Because, I believe in personal feedback, I called the company to tell them it wasn’t working for me. And I am glad that I did. “Did you step into it or put it on over your head”: Instructions on the hangtag which I did not read. So I tried again the correct way and, I LOVE IT!  In fact, I wore it all day for 2 days straight with the ability to leave my house for more than walking a dog.  To be that comfortable, contained but not constrained and wirefree is revolutionary for me. No wonder they have already sold 500,000 of this flagship camisole since they launched in 2011.

Now, a broader scope of styles filters through their innovative retail sales system. Using on the ground ‘Independent Stylists’, Ruby Ribbon has built an entrepreneurial network of women devoted to selling the brand directly to consumers. From the press credos I have read, it is working.

“To Succeed, Jump As Quickly At Opportunities As You Do At Conclusions”  ~Benjamin Franklin 


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  1. Linda says:

    I’m a 66 yr old gramma of 15! A former flight attendant from 52 to 61 yrs & wanted a way to stay involved & connected with people! It is fun being a Ruby Ribbon Stylist! I love the comfort of my camis & love sharing them w others! I love getting dressed without the underwires! Wonderful article!

  2. Janet says:

    Help! How can I buy these?

  3. WOW this is Fabulous and so are YOU Ellen Lewis and Diane Koza

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