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Skin silk lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

My move back to Mexico was fairly seamless. In fact, my husband and I both commented on the ease of transition between two very different lifestyles. The pros: well for one, no adjustment curve. The con: the sense of adventure seems to have dissipated. After 6 years, the process has become status quo. I miss the edge that comes with anticipation. Don’t get me wrong, every component of this venue (except water delivery issues) is a welcome respite. Beautiful, serene, and low key, I appreciate the choice we made to make a home here. Maybe I am still in a New York rhythm and all this will fade away in a week or two. But, I could use a new dynamic added to the equation; something to up the charisma quotient of daily life.

Skin silk lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

The segue between New York and Mexico brings me to Skin Lingerie, my second stop on the “intimate apparel silk road”, the journey  upon which I embarked last month. Besides the fact that the Skin color palette could easily have been derived from the Cabo tableau, their introduction of silk lingerie has really upped the brand ante. Already known for their soft, natural and organic fabrics, this addition portends a dimension of sophistication beyond the brands existing profile of casual elegance. Using an incredibly lightweight washable stretch silk, these styles slip in and out of the entire Skin line to form a contemporary lifestyle collage.  Designed in basic silhouettes with fastidious attention to quiet detail and generous drape (XS-XL) Skin’s modern interpretation of this ancient fabrication raises it to an entirely new threshold of luxury.

Skin silk lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

“Luxury is the Ease of a T-shirt in a Very Expensive Dress” ~Karl Lagerfeld



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  1. james says:

    its nice to see models with real curves for once

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