Opposites Attract ~ Natori Ginza Loungewear


Natori Ginza reversible robe with Obi print on Lingerie Briefs

Recently, my husband and I celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. We’ve been together 43 years, way past half our lives. No one thought it would last. We are extreme opposites; the turtle and the hare. We are a study in contradiction, but the thing about counter intuitive unions is that if the underlying infrastructure is simpatico, it can be a force with which to reckon. We have and have always had the same values. And I have always been attracted by the juxtaposition of ideas.

Natori Ginza Collection on Lingerie Briefs

That is why it’s no surprise that I am intrigued with Natori’s Ginza collection. These charismatic pieces are a correlation of visual opposites that are perfectly balanced. Using color and print to blur design boundaries, Natori has created a rich selection of holiday loungewear that challenges tradition while sustaining the essence of the brand DNA. Anchoring this selection is a reversible 52”robe (XS-XL) that combines a dynamic floral print with a traditional graphic pattern.  The marriage of these two unique trends into  a contemporary design statement is classic Natori. Inner Wear, Outer Wear, Casual Wear, Every Wear, this brand is a sanctuary of comfort and style.

“There Are Sanctuaries Holding Honey and Salt” ~Carl Sandburg


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