The Jewel in the Crown ~ Hanro of Switzerland


Hanro of Switzerland Valea Collection on Lingerie Briefs

My daughter got engaged this week. The ring is exquisite; a near perfect princess cut diamond set in white gold. It is a breath of light on her delicate fingers, artist’s fingers, sentient and fertile. I know this ring thing is a tradition, and an important symbol with deep meaning to those who imbibe. Personally,  I never had an engagement ring. I just never really wanted one. Maybe it’s my tendency to grapple with tradition. It’s certainly not about the luxury. Luxury has great value. It is aspirational and fantastical.

Hanro of Switzerland Valea Collection on Lingerie Briefs

In the realm of tradition, one would be hard pressed to out stage Hanro of Switzerland. There are few brands anchored in the complexities of quality fabrics that match this company in leadership and consumer affection.  For 135 years, Hanro has held court with their proprietary cotton underwear and loungewear. I have written more than one exposé heralding the virtues of their revered products, but recently, after seeing the Valea Sea Island collection delivering this February, I knew I had found the jewel in their crown. In the British West Indies, Hanro handpicks the best and longest staple cotton fibers in the world, spins them into yarn in Switzerland and knits them into this sumptuous pure white mercerized interlock fabric in Austria. An exclusive eyelash leaver’s lace adds a modern light femininity to classic shapes available in XS-XL. Traditional sleepwear is transformed.

“Luxury is the Ease of a T-Shirt in a Very Expensive Dress.” ~Karl Lagerfeld


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