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Only Hearts Coucou Lola bodysuit on Lingerie Briefs

What is the meaning of exposure, a word with so many innuendos; it is almost as elusive as these images from the Coucou Lola collection from Only Hearts.  This pink melon interpretation is balletic, elusive, ephemeral and beautiful to see. But, to share them on social media, these artfully photographed photos had to be altered because of “exposure”.  Exposure is about education, not suppression. It is a method of expression, a path to understanding what the author already knows and wants to share. To restrain its promise is to stifle curiosity.

Only Hearts Coucou Lola petticoat on Lingerie Briefs

Only Hearts has long been about the mixing of the delicate with the dynamics of street style. It has proffered a layering statement long before this trend percolated to the surface of fashion. This message, so heavily ensconced in today’s lingerie ethos, is particularly prevalent in the Coucou Lola new petticoat skirt and mock neck teddy designed in dotted nylon mesh, delivering this month. Available S-L, they are graceful and airy, working easily over other apparel pieces: bodysuits, bralets, leggings, lace, and satin.  Let your imagination flow. They are a bow to freestyle dressing worthy of an evolving culture.  Sultry black and divine blue, each color exposes another form of feminine grace. How can lingerie so creatively conceived be anything else but politic?

Only Hearts Coucou Lola bodysuit on Lingerie Briefs

“The Fearful Are Caught As Often As The Bold” ~Helen Keller

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