Peace, Progress & P.J. Salvage


Vintage tie-dye sleep top from P.J. Salvage as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I was a teenager and in college, during the Vietnam War. Our government was submerged in scandal; women struggled with self-image and race relations were buried by an avalanche of outdated social standards.  We were disillusioned; looking for a way through the messy politic of the decades that followed the sheer disbelief of the Kennedy assassination.  We were all about our long hair, tie-dye t-shirts, and washed out jeans. Woodstock was our generations call to arms. We wanted a better world for our future. Does this sound familiar?

Vintage separates from P.J. Salvage on Lingerie Briefs

One truth I know to be absolute is that history repeats itself, moving forward on a reverberating graph. Back and forth it travels relying on innovation in technology and industry to counsel change. Fashion, like art, is often the voice for these cultural modifications. Fashion will often reach back to earlier times for design inspiration and innovate for a contemporary statement.

Vintage separates from P.J. Salvage on Lingerie Briefs

No lifestyle lounge brand does this quite like P.J. Salvage. This time it’s their Peace group; an iconic assortment of tie-dye and garment washed separates that weave effortlessly into the entire P.J. Salvage lifestyle heritage. Drawing on the graphics that framed the Woodstock era, they have used their renowned fabric development and design radar to create styles so soft that women wear them 24/7. Their much loved peachy fabric and brushed baby waffle pieces combined with easy sweats from XS-XL are a vintage nod to a 21st century modus operandi. Change challenges the past, but progress depends on using the lessons it teaches.

Vintage separates from P.J. Salvage on Lingerie Briefs

“Give Peace a Chance.” John Lennon

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