Le Mystère ~ A Personal Story


When it comes to bra reviews, here at Lingerie Briefs, we’re not big fans. Every woman’s body is unique so the fit issue remains partisan. One opinion never tells the entire story.  On a personal level, having been a large busted woman from puberty, finding a bra that fits comfortably, supports and is fashionable has always been difficult. As time and gravity have hit home, some of these expectations, even with all the options now available in the market, are not always met. Much as I love the Le Mystère brand and respect their accomplishment in design and engineering over the past few years, they have never been right for me. So when they gifted me two new bras a few weeks ago, I did not have high hopes. I didn’t even try them on for a couple of weeks.

Le Mystere Second Skin unlined Bra as featured on Lingerie Briefs

My Slightly Worn Le Mystère Second Skin Unlined Bra

Then, my daughter got married and I bought a blouse to wear to the wedding that was open down the front. None of my bras, loved or not (and you might imagine how many I have) worked with the shirt. Either the center gore was completely visible or the cleavage issue was way too inappropriate, particularly for the Mother of the Bride. I decided to try on the Le Mystère Second Skin unlined bra, mainly because it was right in front of me and voilà, perfect solution; no bra exposure and no cleavage overrun. Next test, I wore it all day the next day, and the following day and (don’t tell) the following day. Comfort, lift and light as air on my body encouraged me to bring it back to Cabo for the June heat here. It has been a lifesaver, so much so, I changed my editorial calendar to extol its virtues- at least for me.

“A Picture Tells A Thousand Words” ~Old English Adage Unknown

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