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Cosabella Soire Confidence on Lingerie Briefs

When I started my career stint in Intimate Apparel 35 years ago, Cosabella was a new brand in the market.  They made their mark rather quicklly with the Soire panty housed in a flat white mini pack. It was omnipresent at better retailers; a very cool point of sale statement. These simple mesh panties in a bastion of colors were a perfect calling card for this nascent family owned brand crafted and made in Italy. Partnered with both a molded and demi cup bra, these styles would become company classics heralding lingerie simplicity long before sheer and lightweight became ‘de rigueur ‘in the market. Young women worldwide loved them for their chic and contemporary style. I remember well when my daughter, backpacking through Europe after graduating college in 2004, brought only one item back from her trip: Cosabella Soire panties.

Cosabella Soire Confidence on Lingerie Briefs

This spring Cosabella, true to its innovative DNA, has revitalized the Soiree legacy by upgrading the fabrics and adding new shapes to create the Soire Confidence Collection. 14 styles including 7 panty shapes, bralettes, bras, bodysuits and tops constructed in a super soft microfiber mesh with a flat shiny elastic trim. Available in seven skin tones as well as black and white and 50% lighter than the original, these are underwear layers with global appeal. This is classic merchandising 101: recognizing a classic, upgrading its appeal, expanding its presence and professing its virtues. Cosabella Soire Confidence on Lingerie Briefs

“There’s Always Room For Improvement, No Matter What”  Ali Krieger


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