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Skarlett Blue Siren Bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsSiren

I might be dating myself, but I still believe that building a brand requires three simple edicts: Slow and Easy, Stay in Your Lane and Superior Product Value. You can market the brand message in all the innovative channels available today, mainly social media saturation and that approach can work for a while. However, charisma fades if there’s no substance behind it. That takes time, focus and character.  That’s why; I seldom react immediately to a brand proffering essential intimates without a waiting period. I like to see continuity, consumer reaction, and product expansion take root.

Skarlett Blue Minx Bra as featured on Lingerie BriefsMinx

I’ve followed the Skarlett Blue label since its inception, written about its initial mission to offer the young modern woman unapologetically sexy essentials. Successful styles anchor this collection that was conceived on a minimal style selection until key sellers could be identified and expanded. (In fact the best-selling Minx bra will increase its size and color offer this September from 28-40, A-H cups).  But it’s the careful layering of seductive basics each season that is informing a growing consumer base.  This month the addition of the Siren bra, designed with a sheer molded lace over a tulip cup and a scalloped lace edged neckline will join the Skarlett Blue family. Available in sizes 30-36, A-DDD cups, it is a lightweight everyday t-shirt bra with a touch of allure.  It plays elegantly within the Skarlett Blue mantra, playful, provocative and priced to sell.

“A Big Business Starts Small”  ~Richard Branson

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  1. Bright Ellie says:

    Very well said Ellen! In very few words you said a lot of things. We will be sure to abide as we work towards building a brand around our Lingerie Boutique

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