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Commando's Butter Collection of sustainable intimate apparel as featured on Lingerie Briefs

You might be old enough to remember how the iconic advertising campaign slogan “What Becomes a Legend Most” catapulted the esteemed Blackglama fur company into popular culture. Considering its subject matter, luxury fur and celebrity status, its emergence during the 1960’s Youthquake was almost counter-intuitive.  Their strategy still exists today, much more under the radar and minus the star power. After all, aspirational luxury never really escapes the ecosphere.

Flash Forward 50 plus years and a new Youthquake has shaken up social mores and is redefining aspirational luxury. That’s why I have hijacked Blackglama’s tagline for Commando’s Butter collection as “What Sustains a Legend Most”.

Commando's Butter Collection of sustainable intimates as featured on Lingerie Briefs

There is no doubt that Commando stands at the forefront of Intimate Apparel innovation. Product history speaks for itself. Laser focused on fabric technology and always on the frontline of fashion movements, the brand has established itself as a runway favorite.  In their enduring quest to develop product that responds to consumer sustainability concerns, the Butter fabric proves the point.

Commando's Butter Collection of sustainable bodysuits as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Butter collection, initially launched in 2015 with some basic underwear pieces, has been so successful it now claims 25 different style options. Customers love this superlative micro-modal fabric that is harvested from environmentally friendly Beech Trees. Beech Trees require no extra water and no pesticides.  The fibers are combined with Lycra® Beauty Fiber to insure 4 way stretch, excellent recovery and pill free performance. Knit with 50 needles per inch instead of the standard 28, Butter is superfine, super soft and super breathable.

But, what really got my attention was the state of the art Pro4tex dyeing and finishing technology. I am told that you can drink the water used during the process.  This is really critical to the advancement of sustainability in garment design. It is one thing for fabric to be carbon neutral, but without color creativity fails. No wonder Butter is certified with the Standard 100 by OECO-TEX.®

Commando's Butter Collection of sustainable bodysuits, leggings and tops as featured on Lingerie Briefs

Butter clearly stands at the forefront of sustainable intimate apparel development destined for legendary status. Credit for its discovery and design goes to Commando’s never ending quest for product evolution. The collection crosses every channel of Commando’s design inventory, leggings, bodywear, underwear, tops and shaping wear. As the season progresses, variations on the material continue to emerge with cashmere added to the formula. Creating sustainable fabrics that create sustainable products that create sustainable wardrobes, now that’s legendary.

“The Greatest Threat To Our Planet Is The Belief
That Someone Else Will Save It” Robert Swan


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