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Skarlett Blue Innocent Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

I think it is particularly prescient to focus today on Skarlett Blue’s new Innocent collection. Originally planning this blog for an April publication, it was, obviously apparent to me, that delayed deliveries, closed stores, and malleable moods required a change of direction. But, having chatted recently with a multitude of specialty lingerie stores, coupled with slow re-openings across the country, timing now seems more realistic. One fact that has surfaced is the increased consumer interest in loungewear. Although retailers are bleeding – I certainly do not want to downplay the state of affairs – many buyers have told me that loungewear business is (somewhat) holding the fort. Statistics show that even before the shutdown, the sleep and lounge channel was improving. At market, with Skarlett Blue, this truth was reinforced as they clarified their initial success in this category with their expanded showcase of sleep and loungewear.

Skarlett Blue Innocent Collection as featured on Lingerie Briefs

The Innocent styles are the highlight for me, so relevant in today’s environment. Simple pieces, easy to throw on, designed for absolute comfort, they are perfect in the house and completely viable as casual outerwear. These styles hit every note: light, loose, and laid-back. Constructed in a Pima cotton woven voile with a soft jersey neck and waistband (short), they are available in XS-XL. Uncomplicated, straightforward, inherently feminine, and very contemporary, they are the essence of the Skarlett Blue aesthetic.

“Ease is the Sign of Grace in Everything” Marty Rubin


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