On Gossamer Mesh Panties~When So Little Means So Much


On Gossamer Mesh nylon Panties as featured on Lingerie Briefs

For the past few weeks, I have had the urge to highlight On Gossamer’s mesh panties. I’ve written about them before for a bevy of reasons, one of which is that they are a mainstay in my dresser drawer.  I have had them on my mind lately because during the past few months, they have been a saving grace in my underwear wardrobe.  I wore them regularly throughout the New York lockdown this past spring. When your world demands comfort, these panties are salvation. Then, in June, I flew to Mexico to address Covid delayed house issues that could not wait until next fall because the rainy season is imminent. It’s really hot in Cabo in July and feeling naked is the next best thing to actually being so. Wearing these panties is tantamount to wearing nothing at all. They are light and airy, a whisper of color, almost invisible. Sexy, yet malleable, they move effortlessly with the torso; a truly valuable asset as the female body fluctuates.   Available in 3 styles ranging in sizes S-XL and up to 12 colors, it’s no wonder they have been an On Gossamer best-seller for years.

“Weightlessness Was Wonderful, and I Was Surprised at How Natural it Felt”
Ron Garan


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